Chicken Tikka Masala
89 DKK

This dish consists of boneless chicken, marinated overnight, smoked grilled and finished with tomato — yoghurt sauce.

Butter Chicken
89 DKK

Grilled boneless Chicken cooked in creamy tomato butter sauce with the balance of aromatic spice and cream.

Chicken Korma

Yogurt marinated chicken is simmered in a rich, highly seasoned sauce thickened with ground nuts, yoghurt and cream.

Lamb Shank (450-500 g)
159 DKK

A traditional Kashmiri dish with slow cooked tender Lamb shank blended with authentic spice mix and a delicate touch of saffron.

Paneer malai Kofta
85 Dkk

A vegetarian dish where paneer balls are cooked and served with a creamy and spiced tomato-based gravy.

Cauliflower Korma + caramel. eggplant
85 Dkk

Organic cauliflower, roasted potatoes and a caramelized eggplant are cooked crunchy in aromatic shahi korma gravy.

Mutton Rezala
105 Dkk

A Bengali dish with soft tender mutton is cooked in yoghurt cardamon gravy.

Mutton Kosha
105 Dkk

It is an iconic Bengali delicacy which involves slowly cooking a gravy over low flame for very long time to get a rich, dark-brown gravy and melt in mouth mutton pieces.

Salmon kofta
99 Dkk

Succulent and spicy salmon fish ball is cooked in butter and topped with cream.

Prawn Malai Curry
105 Dkk

King prawns are seared and cooked in rich coconut gravy with mace and nutmeg.

Chickpeas curry with Mumbai potatoes
80 Dkk

This vegan dish is the ultimate comfort and a perfect healthy alternative to a classic creamy tomato gravy with a side of spicy organic Bombay potatoes.


Biriyani dishes

(For the biriyani dishes we need at least 24 hours pre-order)

Chicken BiriyanI
95 Dkk

It is a very traditional savory chicken and long grain rice dish that includes layers of chicken, roasted potato, egg, rice, aromatics that are steamed together and topped with saffron.

Mutton Dum BiriyanI
105 Dkk

very tender mutton pieces have the layers of saffron-milk infused rice cooked in steam.


Biriyani dishFlat Bread/ Paratha & Polaoes

Plain paratha/ Butter paratha
15 Dkk
Peas polao
15 Dkk


Cardamom cream
30 Dkk

Cardamom cream Brule with homemade wild barriers compote.

chocolate brownie
25 Dkk

Walnut chocolate brownie. 25 Dkk